Digital Technologies for Print

Digital foil, digital embossing and digital metallic'

All metallic's, foils and embossing are loved by consumers, they give an image of quality and luxury. The issue has always been how to produce the effects economically and without leaving the printers production manager with grey hair and nails bitten to the quick.


Scodix teamed with several laminate development companies and created the Scodix Metallic. Below is an great example of a simply produce carton that was printed CMYK on an Indigo 7600 and then in one pass Scodix created the Emboss, the Foil and all the Metallic colours. 

So with just CMYK ink and one pass on the Scodix the job below was created leaving the consumer with the definite feeling of a superior product. 

To receive the sample in the post (minus the toffiees - sorry) please go to the contact page and fill in the response form and we will be please to dispatch the sample to your premises. 

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